Audio for products and marketing

A voice is an essential tool to expression. You already know that doesn't only apply to human-human interaction, but the tools we use and the media we consume just the same. If you're looking for premium audio feedback for products, sound design that punctuates motion design, or custom soundtracks for marketing material, you've come to the right place.

The content on this site is a snapshot of my work. Click around, and then reach out.


UI Concepting and App Feedback. Sonic Logo Design and Music Systems Design. This is a collection of work I've performed in those arenas.




Internal marketing and high-profile product launches. Re-brands, Promos, and Explainers. Here is a variety of examples of my work in those spaces.



This is a recent collaboration with Variable Medium. Circle and Line is a project composed of a series of designs to study geometric constructions of a compass and straight edge.



Reach out for a custom quote, to consult on your next project, or just to say hi!

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